Elaquent – Moment of Weakness feat. Seb Zillner (video)

A quarter century after the legendary DJ Quik enraptured the West Coast with his instrumental interludes that were highlighted on each album, there is an Elaquent reply to one of Hiphop’s greatest instrumentals, Quik’s Groove III. This time Canadian producer Elaquent enlists flutist Seb Zillner to match Charles Greene’s majestic magic crystal flute performance from Safe + Sound. The new song Moment Of Weakness is from Elaquent’s upcoming Mello Music debut album Blessing In Disguise that drop next week (Feb 22nd).


The new song, Moment Of Weakness, is out today and has a new video by award winning animator Eric Power. “When I first heard Elaquent’s “Moment of Weakness” I was struck by how cinematic it sounds. I began to see landscapes with rolling hills, mountains, forests, and streams. I decided very early on that I wanted to pull the camera back and challenge myself with letting the landscapes tell the story and dictate the mood. It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Samurai cinema (my first animated feature is a Samurai film, afterall). The flute featured in the track was so striking to me that I wanted to make it part of the narrative, so I decided to tell a loose story of a traveling musician who plays for the gods. It was important to me to not lock down any particular narrative as the music felt bigger than any short story could contain. So, until the day I can convince Elaquent to score a full feature, this is gonna have to do!” says Eric Powers of the new video.

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