Frank N Dank “Filter” feat. Affion Crockett [audio]

In 1999 the world was introduced to the Detroit-bred underground hip hop duo Frank N Dank via legendary Producer JayDee aka JDilla. At the time, no-one knew that these childhood friends, under the tutelage of JDilla, would go on to create numerous underground classics; “McNasty Filth”, “Pause”, “Ma Dukes”, etc.

2019 brings the 20 year anniversary of Frank N Dank. In celebration of this momentous occasion, Frank N Dank, via Delicious Vinyl, will deliver a brand new soulful banger on February 7, 2019 (JDilla’s birthday) featuring comedian/actor, and dope emcee, Affion Crockett. The aptly titled “Filter” explores the plight of a “grown ass man” in the social media-era. With lines like “She caught a lil clip of me Nitty out in Italy / Now she in her feelings say my wife is her enemy”, “Filter” delivers storytelling, bars and a King Michael Coy produced head-nodder in spades!

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