Ariano – Do You Know My Name [video]

Coinciding with his 3/12/19 album release of F*** You, I Love You, Pay Me, which may be his best album to date, mainstay SoCal hip hop artist and producer, Ariano, drops what is undeniably the best video of his career for his powerful new single “Do You Know My Name?”

Self-produced by Ariano, “Do You Know My Name?” pulls you in from the open scene and holds on tight until the music fades away. As Ariano stumbles through a Sin City-esque comic book world of vice and decay paying homage to drugs, sex and unrepentant mass marketing, he pleads to a god – any god and every god – without really knowing who or what he is calling to, if anything at all. Ariano moves effortlessly between the highs and lows of his singing voice and makes seamless transitions into the rawness of his raps, mirrored by the production which swings from the mellowness of a strummed guitar to the angry rhythm of banging drums.

If “Do You Know My Name?” is sonically raw, visually it is a masterpiece of organized chaos. The black and white world is the brainchild of Gifted Glitch, dubbed the Quentin Tarantino of hip hop by Curtis Young, son of Dr. Dre. Directed, edited and animated by Glitch, every scene serves a purpose in the greater picture, often rife with hidden meaning and references to things past and things yet to come. The creative team fills out with the contributions of Jimmy Saras, whose knack for all things production and visual brings the lighting and cinematography to life.

From start to finish, the sounds and sights of “Do You Know My Name?” are a welcome assault on the senses. The track and video leave no doubt as to what is to come on F*** You, I Love You, Pay Me…get ready for Ariano to blow the doors off 2019.

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