Jack Waterson – “Smile” Official Music Video (prod by Adrian Younge)

Jack Waterson is the acid that Adrian never took as a kid. The result, as you’d expect, is both colorful and dark; full of sonic and musical surprises. The creative relationship they have questions the social order of the United States, yet theirs is a quintessentially American Story: Kindred spirits

Adrian Younge presents Jack Waterson is getting lost in the impressionistic and at times jarring world of psychedelia, questioning what is real and challenging to question the role you play in this world. These kindred spirits have created a cinematic psych album with no boundaries. Laced with hip hop breaks and acid rock, their intention is to subvert the designation of what is black vs. white music.


Be prepared for an experience in depth and direction, stunning in its impact, as Jack Waterson opens the world of stereo to your turntable. A full-dimensional experience, precisely created for hallucinogens. Endure a startling difference in realism by listening to this album, with stereophonic headphones; this mix was generated to enhance sonic intimacy and immersion.

This is the first single off of Jack Waterson’s debut album on Linear Labs produced by Adrian Younge entitled “Smile”.

Music Video filmed and edited by Adrian Younge at the Linear Labs Studio.

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