The Lasso – Heaven (Official Music Video)

“For my first video on Mello Music Group, I wanted to bring the same ethereal, homemade, psychedelic vibe that I do to my music productions; Scotty at Analog Prints was the perfect animator to do so. Emotionally, “Heaven” reminds me of the feeling of arriving somewhere you had always imagined but never thought you would find; the is a bittersweet beauty to the synth chords and melody. While you may never find your true heaven in reality, perhaps the feeling or imagination is the arrival itself. Our main character encounters his own version of that via a chance lightning strike. Is this his journey towards death/heaven, or a euphoric vision of his past/future?” – The Lasso

From the album “The Sound Of Lasso”
Produced by The Lasso (Synths, Bass, Drums) with Jordan Hamilton (Cello), Sam Cooper (Voice), Dave Crider (Vibraphone), Heavy Color (Percussion), Ben Lau (Pedal Steel)

“Lasso’s music is so cinematic and can really take you places without visuals, so it was really just a matter of getting started and letting the music be the vehicle. “Heaven” starts with an unsuspecting lizard who is set upon an experience of self-reflection and deep understanding after being struck by lightning. Powered by ancient knowledge and sacred geometry he is able to see and travel within the known and far beyond the unknown universe. At the end he sets off on his next journey which has yet to be told.” – Director Scott Iulianelli

Animation by: Scotty Iulianelli/Analog Prints
IG: scotty_from_ap

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