Sojourn “Basement Boogie” feat. Ras Kass

In Hip-Hop, the basement is more than a secluded room in the house. It is a sound, a feel and a song on the Mecca & The Soul Brother album. Most importantly, it’s a sacred space where the most studious and dedicated Hip-Hoppers gather to display their wares and hone their crafts. 

Sojourn, who came to public consciousness as a founding member of legendary Hip-Hop collective; Tunnel Rats, is back with a brand new sure shot via Illect Recordings. This time he is backed up by one of Hip-Hop’s most revered poet laureates; the waterproof emcee, Ras Kass. Sojourn effortlessly flows and floats over Courtland Urbano’s mix of screw faced percussion and grungy bass line. Once the chants for the hook come through the speaker, you’d have to fight hard not to take your shoes off and bounce with rhythm forth and back. Sojourn’s wordplay is cleverly inconspicuous but all of his ‘yes yes y’all’ mannerisms are intact. Ras Kass ethers the third and final verse complete with references to his alkaline spine and Egyptian sky god Horus. 

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