Killz Tha Beast “The Jungle” (Video)

Artist: Killz Tha Beast
Song Title: The Jungle
Director: Tim Video

Born in Queens and raised in North and Southside Jamaica. He has been rapping for over 20 years… Killz was inspired by Nas, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, The Lox, Jay Z, Beenie Sigel, Rick Ross and 50 Cent. Killz Tha Beast has a hardcore but real flow and is very blunt. He paints pictures with his realistic style, lyrics and flow. Killz took a 10 year lay off from his music career after recording over 50 songs and dropping a few mixtapes and a DVD/Documentary. He recently received a phone call from one of his child hood friends encouraging him to up the mic again. Since than Killz has been on a rampage recording and shooting new videos with Tim Video as of November of 2018. He hasn’t looked back since. Killz now owns his own studio and has been working hard dropping new videos and songs. Killz is currently working on a his 1st EP which is going to include 7 tracks. Killz is definitely receiving a buzz in the neighborhood from his hard work and dedication.

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