Mr. SOS & Mr. Enok – Warp Zone 8 (Gone)

“Warp Zone 8 (Gone)” is the third and last single by emcee Mr. SOS (formerly CunninLynguists / current Mighty High Coup) and producer Mr. Enok’s upcoming album “eleven/eleven” dropping on May 24th via Below System Records.

Speaking on his first solo release in some time, SOS said “when I started reading articles recently about scientists working on particle accelerators to create actual wormholes to see into parallel realities, I began to be inspired by the idea that we simultaneously exist in other times and places and can connect/tap into that.” A concept album loosely that references our struggles across worlds, the soundscapes are fleshed out with acoustic, electronic and ambient tones by Enok’s use of rare samples as well as utilizing live guitar, keyboards and percussion throughout the upcoming album “eleven/eleven”.

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