Raging Moses – Good Life [audio]

After spending the last few years feelin’ like a G, Raging Moses is back with a brand new single which sets aside the chest pounding bravado of his previous joint and replaces it with a compassioned and measured approach.

Teaming up with guest songstress Darmea, Moses unleashes a quiet yet bubbling introspective rage over the self-produced beat. Over pensive synths, moody snares and eerie oohs and ahhs, he laments over life, love, spirituality, politics and religious and traverses between subject seamlessly. Darmea’s soothing vocals are laced with honey and no poison as she melodically reassures the listener that God makes things happen, and we should just “let it be.”

This new single should serve as a reminder that even when it feels all is lost, life is good and possibly, better than you think.

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