T. Calmese: Rich Thoughts (prod Jaye Burough)

Every Tuesday in July we will be exhibiting new sounds and content from T. Calmese as we get closer to releasing his solo project with The Black Opera.

T. Calmese “Rich Thoughts” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Produced by one of our own: Jaye Burough.

We’re all about manifestation over here. On T. Calmese’s new track “Rich Thoughts”, he speaks on how his dreams have become reality over the years. Most may think the manifesting that was mentioned means monetary success, and there’s nothing wrong with that of course. But in this case that’s not 100% precise. Before the dreams of money and fame, the goal was to be known in your own backyard, one ear at a time. Then if you’re blessed it can grow from there. Skills and consistency have earned T. Calmese that achievement, now listen to him pay homage to everything and everyone that’s helped his dreams come alive.

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