Ill Poetic – An Idiot’s Guide To Anarchy (Official Video)

In collaboration with visionary artist and director Keenan Parry, Definition Music is proud to present “An Idiot’s Guide to Anarchy” short film; a beautiful, chaotic and riveting piece of animation. Inspired by the album’s lead single “8:44”, this short film mashes together the blissful naivete of pre-9/11 America with the cynicism and nihilism of our present day, all through the eyes of two children watching the world around them crumble moments before a plane hits a tower.

This surreal visual is the latest installment of Ill Poetic’s critically acclaimed “An Idiot’s Guide to Anarchy” (Definition Music) project. Described by Ill Po as “an album about realizing there are no rules out here, both in the real world and creative life”, the decade-in-the-making self-produced and released project was hailed by critics as “a truly unique creation…mixing jazz, funk, modern and classic hip-hop, house, dance and performance art”.

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