Flight Distance – Foreign Objects feat. Crack Moses, Lay​-​D Shelz and Soul Khan [audio]

“Foreign Objects” off the Flight Distance’s 2011 album Bad Information, releasing on vinyl via Fake Four Inc. on November 19th.

Pre_Order: https://fakefour.bandcamp.com/album/bad-information

Available on vinyl for the first time ever, courtesy of Fake Four Inc., the acclaimed, cult classic 2011 sophomore album from Canadian hip-hop group Flight Distance (DJ Calkuta with MC duo Patience and the late, world-renowned battle rap champ Bender (RIP)).

Produced by MPC marvel Crack Moses (RIP), the beats on this album are at once neck-snapping and gritty, and yet searing and melodic. The rhymes are bleak, complicated, heartfelt and raw—with rhyme schemes, punchlines and imagery that are at times awe-inspiring. This album captures a tightly-knit crew working together in their prime to create a rugged piece of music that would define a moment in Canadian hip-hop culture and its booming battle rap scene. Thematically, Bad Info is the canary in a coal mine at the start of a decade in which everything would change.

Tragically, Bender and Crack Moses both died unexpectedly in 2018, a few months apart. This vinyl release is dedicated to their loving memory. A majority portion of the proceeds from sales of this LP will go to the charities of Bender and Moses’ respective families’ choosing.

Rest in power, Alex ‘Bender’ Buchanan Inglis and Joshua ‘Crack Moses’ Sherman.

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