def sound – HIDE n SEEK w/ Aye Mitch! | Zeroh | Pink Siifu [prod. Khalil Slim]

HIDEnSEEK is a song about the post hashtag aftermath of state-funded violence produced onto black and brown bodies by police. Refusing to become trauma porn HIDEnSEEK unfolds from four different perspectives (Aye Mitch, Zeroh, Pink Siifu, and Def Sound) each MC weaves common threads together into a beautiful tapestry produced by Khalil Slim. The fact that black skin posses no innocence yet as soon as we are born we live as instruments, car alarms set to permanent refusing to be silenced. We are melanin living as melody, sampled by never cleared, black blues spelled as spells copied but never here. Our confiscated resource is a hope that makes no sense but overflows much like a fight we fight w/ no fists. Zeroh’s chorus speaking directly to all officers who say they fear for their lives and consciously take ours. This song is not a plea, it’s a scream. It’s tiring having this much strength, we mourn but we rise, we mourn but we rise, this song dares you to decide to have a funeral for everything that limits you.

There is a deeply embedded conversation that happens between the sample and the griots at the end of the song if experienced closely. If you are going to use a sample USE the sample! Context is everything and proof of this is the repurposed lyrics of HIDE AND SEEK by Imogen Heap:


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