L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae – Complicate Your Life With Violence [album]

Complicate Your Life With Violence (Mello Music Group), producer-rapper duo L’Orange and Jeremiah Jae’s expansive noir concept album, is out today. The record, which sonically lands between a Spaghetti Western and 25th Century Mars, is a continuation of their 2015 debut collaboration, has been met with praise from the New York Times, Fader, Hypebeast, Consequence of Sound, Flood, and beyond. And today, from 4pm to 5pm EST, they’ll be answering questions during a HipHopHeads’ Reddit AMA.

The end result is something that fits few analogies: a record that exists in the warped dust of history but feels innately relevant to the schizophrenia of modern existence. It is Jeremiah Jae and L’Orange on a great escape, finding no concrete answers but asking all the right questions — a masterpiece that can be interpreted in a dozen different ways, glimpsed through a gun smoke haze, hard boiled but blood simple.

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