Damu the Fudgemunk – Enchanted Spirits feat. Insight Innovates

London-based label, Def Pressé are very pleased to announce their partnership with legendary Library Music label KPM. Def Pressé and friends, including names like Stro Elliot (The Roots), J-Live, Jazzy Jeff, Bastien Keb, Chris Dave, Corey King and many more to come have been given exclusive access to the KPM Library. These projects will take shape as two types of record. Def Pressé Editions/KPM Crate Diggers are works built around samples from KPM releases amongst other Library Music catalogues. Def Pressé Editions/KPM Originals are brand new pieces of music, free from samples. Both of these series’ include some very special guest vocalists and musicians as well as the Producers/Arrangers themselves. All of this music will be released by Def Pressé and placed into the vaults at KPM Library Music.


Enchanted Spirits is the third selection from producer Damu the Fudgemunk’s KPM Crate Diggers series album, “Conversation Peace”. Featuring his long-time friend Insight Innovates on the mic, Enchanted Spirits picks up where they left off as one of the most potent teams preserving hip hop’s classic traditions of beats and rhymes. Mystical orchestral arrangements and drama filled stabs curated from KPM’s 1000 series on vinyl display the golden moments found throughout the thousands of tracks in their library. Adding punchy drums, rhythmic scratching, Damu says, “The original composition was just beautiful. It reminds me of something John Williams would score. Being in London hearing this amazing music was a magical feeling, hence the title Enchanted Spirits. We knew this was the right choice for the collab. It’s undeniable hip hop!”

Not only is the aesthetic of their musical bond rooted in excellence, but lyrically Insight made it his duty to highlight some of the brightest Black American minds of the last century and their life changing achievements. The likes of Charles Drew’s advancements in health, Christine Darden’s contributions to aeronautics and Ernest Everett Just’s early discoveries in biology are honoured specifically. Historic figures of such calibre have been an inspiration to both gentlemen. The words of Enchanted Spirits come directly from someone carrying the legacy through his own experience. Insight, the Boston based lyricist/MC not only established a career as an artist, but a computer programmer, app/software developer and engineer having a major influence on consumer technology in his own right. Paying it forward, the music video was filmed at Greater Egleston Community High School in Boston, MA where great teenage minds are nurtured day in and day out.

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