Trophy Sniper featuring Eloheem Team (William Cooper & Stoneface) “Silent Killa” [video]

Jamaica’s top selector, Trophy Sniper (Montego Bay), riding the momentum of his hit single & music video titled “In These Streets”, has returned with a new single & music video, “Silent Killa”, connecting with United States’ award-winning rapper, William Cooper (Newark, New Jersey), winner of the UMA Album Of The Year for his 2015 release “God’s Will” (…) and Stoneface (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), best known for starring on A&E’s hit series “I Survived…Beyond and Back”, which documents his story of being shot in the head, dying twice on the operating table, coming back to life 100% blind to now being a Billboard-charting recording artist. William Cooper & Stoneface, together known as Eloheem Team, perfectly align with Trophy Sniper’s ongoing mission to uplift, teach and warn of the wickedness that haunts our communities. Cooper and Stone contribute their signature back-and-forth straight-forward lyrics designed to help the youth navigate through concrete jungles while Trophy reminds all to, “watch where you walk and talk.” The three well-seasoned vocalists magically blend their styles over hypnotic African drums that lure the listener in to receive the song’s message: beware of Silent Killas.

Trophy Sniper spoke of “Silent Killa” stating, “Mistrust and deceit have been known to cause wars between nations, families, and friends since the beginning of time. Though we have all been taught to honor friendships and do unto others as you would have them do unto you, one must always beware of Silent Killas.” Eloheem Team’s William Cooper quickly added, “They often appear as familiar faces but they are really devils sent to create havoc in your life. This song is a reminder to always move with caution.”

The music video for “Silent Killa” is filmed in the streets of North Philadelphia by the world-renowned director, Jimmy Giambrone, best known for his work with Roc Nation’s Freeway, Jedi Mind Tricks’ Vinnie Paz, and UFC fighter Frankie Edgar. The visuals are masterfully edited blending both performance and candid shots of family/friends enjoying a typical summer day in Philly.

Furthermore, Trophy Sniper will be releasing an Audio Description (AD) version of the music video which will provide descriptive narration of key visual elements such as actions, gestures, scene changes, and any other significant visual information. Audio Description makes a video accessible to people with visual impairments by providing an auditory description of what is appearing on the screen. Eloheem Team’s Stoneface added, “I am just one of the 2.2 billion people that are visually impaired in this world. Audio Description is a feature that is now available on most major video-streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. This is how I regularly enjoy movies, so I thought we should be innovative as recording artists and begin to make our music videos accessible to absolutely everyone. When I brought the idea up to Trophy and Cooper, they were immediately onboard and excited to add this feature.”

Trophy Sniper’s “Silent Killa” featuring Eloheem Team marks as the first-ever reggae/hip hop music video to offer audio description for the vision impaired. In addition, the song’s audio was recorded, mixed and mastered by Stoneface, who continues to be a growing sensation in the blind community and beyond. “Silent Killa” single and music video are available now on all major-streaming platforms via Trophy Sniper Music, Gemstarr Regime and Advance Music.

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