Has-Lo & Castle Announce New Album Live Like You’re Dead


In 2011 Has-Lo entered the scene with what Pitchfork called one of the most overlooked projects of the year. XXL immediately named his cold new album to their Chiarman’s Choice. The project, In Case I Don’t Make It, was a heavy introspective album that fans hailed as a triumph. Has-Lo went on to introduce us to his equally lyrical rhyme companion (who also produces) Castle. In 2013 we got to introduce the world to Castle with his debut solo Gasface.

The pair of emcee/producers friendship continued to spawn new creative work and soon the collaborative reinterpretaiton Return of the Gasface was born with Has-Lo recreating the entire album’s production in meticulous remix fashion, then having Castle respit bars, recraft lyrics, add verses, and even add new songs.

Coming out of that projects intense creative process, Has-Lo & Castle decided to let loose. In true collaborative fashion, both produced, both emceed, and they decided to have some fun with an all new original project.

This new album, Live Like You’re Dead, is creatively unfiltered. It’s reaching for the nearest vice, and scheming on a hoodrat in yoga pants. It’s raw loops and disrespectful bass. Underpaid work and visions of living rich. It’s smiling when reminiscing on the past, and laughing because it feels good. Relax, the employees of the year are back: here them Go To Work.

iTunes (preorder): Live Like You’re Dead – Has-Lo & Castle


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